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We help you comply with the general data protection regulation (GDPR)

In order to ensure the safety of personal data, structured security work is needed to ensure the resilience of the systems that continuously handle personal data. Due to the fact that most IT environments are networks of computers, servers etc. that are interconnected in various ways, this means that security must be guaranteed throughout the IT environment. Personal data leakage not only damages the brand, reputation and revenue of the business, but can also lead to extensive fines. Our platform Holm Security VMP helps you in a number of ways to effectively comply with GDPR.

Powerful features

Holm Security VMP includes a number of functions for compliance with the data protection regulation. They help you ensure a high level of security and facilitate the flow of information in your organization, not least for the person who is responsible for personal data.

Our solution

This is how we help your organization meet the challenges GDPR entails.

Manage and point out systems that hold personal information.
Asset managementPoint out and manage your systems that keep personal data with our Asset Management function.
Leakage of personal data from systems.
Vulnerability assessment och networks and systems.
Our Network Scanning and Web Application Scanning services detect vulnerabilities in networks and systems that hold or are related to personal data.
Personal data leakage from persons.
Fraud Risk Assessment 
Our Fraud Risk Assessment service is used to measure and increase resilience to attempts to get your users to leak personal information.
Exposed personal data.
Web Application Scanning
Our Web Application Scanning service detects exposed personal information in web applications.
Incident reporting
Reports can be produced on specific vulnerabilities for reporting to the Data Inspectorate.
Information to the personal data controller.
Automatic reports adapted for the personal data controller that gives a clear picture of how secure networks and systems are related to personal data.
Information for management and board.
Automatic reports adapted for management and board.
Solving vulnerabilities.
Vulnerability Manager
Information and work tools for solving vulnerabilities in systems related to personal data.