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  Stefan Thelberg, CEO
Chairman of the Board
Founder and CEO of Holm Security. Stefan is one of Sweden's most prominent cyber security entrepreneurs, previously founded the Swedish Webhosting Group and Stay Secure. Stay Secure was the largest email security provider in northern Europe. He has worked with sales of IT security products towards the private and public sector for close to 20 years.

  Jens Larsson, CIO
Board Member
Founder and CIO Holm Security. Previously also founded Stay Secure. Jens has developed IT security products for over 15 years.

  Erik Torlén, CTO
Erik has over 10 years of experience scaling enterprise businesses and technology for a global audience. Erik has a software development background and was the first non-founding engineer at Apica where he served the last 3 years as CTO, managing Apica’s technology strategy and product suite that was used by several Fortune 100 customers.

  Carolina Martell, Marketing Manager
Carolina has several years of marketing experience within the IT industry. Carolina has previously worked at COSMO CONSULT and Hitachi Power Tools and holds a degree in Media and Communication Studies from Umeå University.

  James Byström, Head of New Markets
James Byström has over 20 years of international experience in the IT security and telecom industry. James's previous roles include leading positions in sales and business development in organizations such as Ericsson, Clavister and Dimension.

  Joakim Segerberg, Sales Manager Sweden & Norway
Joakim has over 7 years of experience within the IT-security industry. He was formerly employed at Stay Secure where he focused on sales for private and public sectors.

  Jan Willem Plokkaar, Country Manager Netherlands
Jan Willem has over 7 years of experience of business development within the IT-security and telecom industry. His former roles include positions in sales and business development at organizations such as Canon and KPN.

  Tatu Vehmas, Country Manager Finland
Tatu has extensive experience in sales and business development within IT and related products and services. His career began at Telia and F-Secure, and has continued on in several companies working with outstanding technology in its segment.

  Paweł Dworucha, Country Manager Poland
Paweł has over 8 years of experience in the IT security industry. He has previously cooperated with the well-known cybersecurity company Niebezpiecznik, where he was responsible for business development as well as building the sales department. He has worked with customers including some of the largest companies in Poland as well as the medium-sized enterprise sector.

Isaac Ng, Country Manager Malaysia
Isaac Ng has more than 15 years of experience in business development and strategic alliances in IT consulting, eCommerce, digital service & business intelligence. His former roles include building new business, securing customer loyalty, and forging strong relationships with external business partners which focus on different industries and segments.

Alok Sahay, Country Manager India & SAARC

  Mats Larsson, board member
Senior Advisor and founder of Holm Security. Mats is also on the board of Holm Security, as he was for Stay Secure.

  Rickard Vikström, board member
Board member and founder of Holm Security. Rickard runs the Polar Bear Group and he also sat on the board at Stay Secure. He is a technical expert in Linux and IT security and has many years of experience of business development.