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Holm Security VMP

Comprehensive platform for vulnerability management

Holm Security VMP (Vulnerability Management Platform) protects your organization by detecting vulnerabilities before any malicious person or organization does. The platform includes vulnerability management for networks and  websites, risk assessment for social engineering, and a variety of tools that facilitate continuous safety work.

The platform helps you and your management to see how secure your IT environment and your users are against external threats such as hackers – whether you manage your own IT environment or outsource. You can manage the service easily and efficiently with our web-based  Security Center control panel. The platform is delivered from ultramodern and secure data centers.

We help you meet future demands

Recommendations, EU directives, and laws all point the same way: the future will be characterized by continuous and structured cyber security work to achieve a higher level of security. This is where Holm Security VMP comes into the picture. The platform, and our experts, will help you with just that; continuous security work to gain insight and understanding for greater cyber security.

This is what we do for your organization

  • Analyze the IT environment
    Assess your IT environment automatically and continuously.
  • Create understanding
    We help you to understand how secure you are against external threats such as hackers and other malicious persons, foreign powers, and industrial espionage.
  • Make strategic choices
    Information to help you with decision support for prioritization and resource planning.
  • Address vulnerabilities
    We provide you with information so you can coordinate the remediation of vulnerabilities.
  • Comply with laws and recommendations
    Comply with new and future laws (GDPR, NIS, etc.), requirements, and recommendations.
  • Create continuity procedures
    We train and support you to create routines and processes for continuous cyber security work.
  • Improve cyber security
    We can significantly improve your cyber security with minimal effort and low cost.

Free trial

Evaluate Holm Security VMP for 14 days and experience the benefits. No requirement - just increased security.